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Scalapay is a unicorn startup in the BNPL category


Eldur Studio helps unicorn of BNPL Scalapay grow their shop directory into thousands.

Scalapay gets the best of both worlds: scalability from the headless CMS, also used to power their mobile app, and flexibility to push new custom web pages in minutes with Webflow.


Scalapay started as a small startup with a Webflow landing page. Merchant discovery is at the core of what they do and they quickly hit Webflow’s limitations to showcase hundreds of partner merchants across 8 countries. Their marketing team loved Webflow as they were able to make changes themselves in seconds, but maintaining the database of merchants was time consuming, and work was duplicated to power the mobile app content.


Eldur Studio built a phased expansion with custom code. Initially, we upgraded the native filtering system by Webflow with custom code to make it real-time.

Then we added predictive search powered by Algolia.

The final system enabled Scalapay to run a single CMS to power the merchant directory on Sanity, which connects via API to Webflow.

Eldur Studio helped us stretch Webflow's limits and has proven to be a fast and trustworthy partner. The quality of the work has been consistently great, the team is collaborative and has often helped us take our idea to the next level.

On the way, we helped Scalapay built new landing pages and became their preferred development partner as their design and product team grew from 1 to 6 people, and embarked a rebranding and redesign project

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